A Paleoish Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, my most favorite holiday by far. So many family, friends, cousins, excellent fall food and beverages, and the best foliage.

Okay, so naturally, it’s impossible to be 100% Paleo during this awesome delicious holiday. Too much pumpkin beer/hard apple cider*, stuffing (though some was modified), and there just hasn’t been a crust I’ve come across I’d be okay with serving guests…

So our modifications- 3 out of 11 of us were Paleo, and a Paleo pecan pie and grain free stuffing just wouldn’t get passed these people. Last thing we wanted was unhappy, grouchy guests with empty stomachs. (Well the unhappy and grouchy is bound to happen regardless…. HAHA jk).

I had the obligatory piece of turkey with natural gravy sans Paleo cranberry sauce. I’ve never been a cranberry sauce fan. I’m not sure how it went over or how my mom made it, all I know is that it didn’t have sugar. I also had sweet potato mashed that my mom makes every year with some pineapple mixed in with marshmallows on top (the marshmallows were the only non Paleo part, but I couldn’t resist one. I never eat ’em!). Next came the mashed potatoes that were cut with half cauliflower with herbs and garlic- the color is a bit darker due to the combination of potato and cauliflower and the texture was a little thin due to my mom not having patience and adding too much liquid, but the taste honestly was awesome! As I said earlier, a sausage stuffing just would not be an adequate replacement for the real deal, so my grandmother made her regular stuffing she makes every year, and I had a small portion, just to make sure it was OK πŸ˜‰ My mom, since I can remember, always makes Jeff Smith’s corn casserole dish- corn and dairy, but it could be worse! Still gluten free and only heavy cream. She also made an awesomeee roasted fall harvest vegetable dish except we added onion and carrots and did not use sweet potatoes. So so soo good. Our dinner also had Paleo cranberry pumpkin muffins that were yummy and grain filled little pecan cinnamon buns that I stayed clear of.

I was too involved in eating dessert to remember to take a picture… But we had Paleo pumpkin custard (pumpkin pie guts- was good but have had better, sorry mom!) Paleo brownies that tasted deliciously moist, fruit bowl, roasted castanas, and normal people pecan pie and pumpkin ginger snap ice cream and molasses ice cream (I passed on the ice cream, not worth it for me). All in all, I think we compromised well.

Oh, and remember when I posted this, I said that they would probably be yummy wrapped in prosciutto? Well I was totally right. We were going to make prosciutto wrapped fresh figs, but we couldn’t find them in any grocery store, so we had two pounds of prosciutto without a recipe to partake in, so we picked up loads of dates… Yummy!! Every year we have stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer, so this year we tricked everyone and made the stuffing Paleo. My mom made a pesto mushroom stuffing from a recipe that was 100% pesto, 0% stuffing, so I saved the day and made biscuits using the savory pie crust recipe from this great cookbook and crumbled them up into the pesto for a stuffing texture. It got rave reviews!! So much of our annual Thanksgiving dinner was tweaked or changed to be more Paleo, and all in all everyone still very much enjoyed their dinner!

(Looking at this picture really, really makes me want to make these two apps again right now!!)

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and were able to spend quality time with family and friends eating delicious food!!

*The pumpkin beer, hard apple cider, and honey whiskey were all totally justified by the 5 mile Turkey Trot I ran that AM πŸ˜‰


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