Beyond Bacon: ‘The Best Brownies’

Paleo Brownies

The only bad thing about cooking or baking a recipe from a cookbook… is that I can’t share the recipe with you :[ I sawwwryyy.
I pre-ordered the Paleo cookbook Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog for two reasons.

1) It’s a Paleo cookbook with BACON in the title and WHOLE HOG.

2) I follow the PaleoParents on Instagram and they kept reposting all of these mouth-watering pictures that fellow bloggers and lucky  pre release book owners had made. MOUTH WATERING.

My parents came to visit me last weekend. I asked my mom which recipe she wanted to make with me first. Naturally she chose the Brownies. I guess I am my mother’s daughter.

These were YUM. Seriously tasted like ‘normal’ brownies. However, I’m a lover of fudgy brownies, these are cakey with a bit of fudgy. I prefer fudgy with a bit of cakey. Either way, these are dope. Put some paleo chocolate hot sauce and some coconut ice cream on top and heat up the brownie so it’s warm.. lip smakingly delicious.

I apologize for the photo below. As much as I wanted to eat a brownie sundae during the daytime (for the good of the blog of course!) I decided against it since I wasn’t hungry. I don’t know why I wasn’t hungry, I’m always hungry. Timing is everything. Anyway, so I had to take a picture at night when I decided it was sundae time, and because of that, this picture is horrible. It’s also instagramed because, well, because I Instagram everything I eat that is delicious and/or pretty. GUILTY AS CHARGED.

Paleo Brownies


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