Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving Turkey

I hope you all had a FANTASTIC Thanksgivukkah and relaxing long weekend filled with family, friends, and of course great food.



Look at my amazing new LOGO! How cute is it??!? I have to give the biggest shout out to my crazy talented friend from when I interned at Compass Records in Nashville… Whitney Beard! EVERYONE, COMMENT ON HOW AWESOME THIS LOGO IS + HOW AWESOME SHE IS!

Okay, now onto my tutorial on
How to Gain 5lbs when on a Paleo Diet:

Here we go, my picture play by play. First, we start with the prepared food by moi:

Thanksgiving Breads

Pumpkin Bread from Elana’s Pantry, Paleo Cornbread Muffins from Empowered Sustenance, Coconut Flour Pumpkin Muffins from Empowered Sustenance.

Thanksgiving Dinner Rolls

I also made these bad boys. My roommate said she had a dream about these rolls, + my grandfather (one of the toughest food critics ever) really enjoyed these! aka… go make them now! I’d looking forward to making them again, but a little larger and with sesame seeds on the top for burger rolls 😀

Paleo Stuffed Mushrooms

For appetizers I made Paleo Stuffed Mushrooms that I made last year using one of Elana’s recipes from her Almond Flour cookbook, and my mom made latkes from my blog! from last Hanukkah. Yumm yummy. She also had a selection of cheese and nuts etc. that I didn’t partake in.

Aaaaand on to the main attraction:

Thanksgiving Dinner

Succulent turkey by my father carved by my grandfather, roasted brussel sprouts + roasted carrots, + cauliflower mash (also all prepared by me), + sweet potato casserole (by my mom). I didn’t expect to have made so much of our dinner!! But everything was yummy and I had fun in the kitchen avec moi madre (lol) YIPPEE!!

Paleo Chocolate Cake

And for dessert, my mom made ZenBelly’s freaking awesome no joke chocolate cake. Like, REAL CHOCOLATE CAKE. Doesn’t taste like an imposter AT ALL. My grandfather licked his plate (+ others’ plates clean of the frosting, like he does with regular frosting) + my grandmother didn’t say more than two words while focusing on her slice 😉 Seriously impressed.

And if ZenBelly didn’t impress me enough with the chocolate cake, I made her Paleo Apple Pie the following Saturday when we had our second round of company, and OH MY GOD. Seriously don’t ever remember having such an amazing apple pie… never mind making one that tasted so good! Let’s just say, the next time I’m looking for ANY recipe, (especially dessert), I’m going to this blog first.

Paleo Apple Pie

Again, my grandmother (you know grandparents, really hard to please.. well they say they’re not + that they love everything that you do/make/are a part of… but it’s because they’re your grandparents), but anyway she left a voice mail and then called me again to tell me how impressed she was with the practically all paleo Thanksgiving. And that to be honest, she’s had some Paleo things in the past that were bland and she wasn’t a fan of… (must not have been made my me hahah!) But she was astonished that she liked everything! My grandparents by no stretch of the imagination eat Paleo, or even Gluten-Free, but they enjoyed EVERYTHING. From the muffins, to the rolls, to the cauli-mash, to the chocolate + apple pie. SUCCESS. And still eating leftovers 😀 WIN!!


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