No Joke Dark Chocolate Cake + Apple Pie; an Ode to Zenbelly

Apple Pie + Chocolate Cake. Two things that I haven’t even thought about over the last year and half because I didn’t thing it was worth thinking about. I know that I was not adventurous or knowledgable enough to create such difficult recipes for the Paleo lifestyle, and I knew that if I found Paleo versions of those recipes, they would probably underwhelm me and just make me crave the real thing. However, that all changed when this wonderful chef posted these two blog posts.

My roommate has been dying to try the apple pie since I posted it on Instagram last week. I managed to bring back to NY a couple of slices, but I honestly just couldn’t stop eating it/didn’t want to share! I managed to save only two bites for her. Whoops… It’s OK. I promise to make it again!!

Apple PiePrior to cooking it. IT LOOKS PERFECT.

Apple PieStraight out of the oven cooling. STILL LOOKS PERFECT.

Apple PieIt IS perfect!! Surpassed my wildest expectations… even if it was ‘normal’ and made out of gluten, it would have exceeded my expectations. Its.That.Good.

Next up:
No Joke Dark Chocolate Cake. 

Paleo Chocolate CakeMy mom made this for Thanksgiving day dessert. She doesn’t have the patience to actually made things look pretty. Fact. No, I’m not being harsh, in fact she’ll agree with me 100%, lol. Anyway, she pre made this and froze it before hand, (and she stuck candles in it so that the foil or seran wouldn’t peel of the frosting).

Paleo Chocolate CakeEven if it wasn’t the prettiest dessert ever, it was definitely one of the tastiest!!


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