It’s not like I’m a particularly fantastic cook or chef, but I just LOVE being in the kitchen. I’ve been eating Paleo for over a year now and it’s fantastic. Not quite a large lifestyle change for me (I have on numerous occasions had to tell my parents to move the broccoli to the other side of the table out of my reach because I couldn’t stop eating it long after I was full! Broccoli to me is like beer nuts at a bar… when it’s in front of you, you eat ’em, even when you’re not remotely hungry). But I digress.. Paleo has gotten me to cook even more than before. If you ask my past roommates, they’ll probably not understand how I can cook even more, but it’s true.

I love to cook, almost as much as I like to eat. I grew up watching cooking shows (Julia Child, Jacques Torres, Jacques Pepin etc) instead of cartoons (weird I know, but AWESOME). I wanted to be a pastry chef and go to culinary school until I learned that you have to pay your dues in the fish freezer. I used to hate the smell of fish, so I didn’t pursue that. Well, fast forward 9 years, I love seafood…

Oh, have I mentioned that I’m from Italian and Jewish descent? No pizza and no pasta… and I don’t even miss it! Blasphemy. And an abundance of bacon… Whoops.


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